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Our Services

27 X 7

Highly Trained Service Technicians and Replacement Parts Available Around the Clock

Deister Machine provides highly trained and experienced service staff to customers around the clock. Deister maintains a large inventory of replacement parts and service staff can be on the road to your site equipped with the needed parts, and in most cases, within a few hours notice.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Do you have a unique application? Deister Machine does not require customers to design their plant to accommodate standard equipment. Deister Machine is equipped to engineer every machine to meet customer-specific application requirements.

Field Measure-Up & Retrofit

Deister Machine will send a trained technician to your site to evaluate your existing equipment and structure. The Deister technician will take all the critical measurements needed to ensure your new Deister equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly into your plant design.

On-Site Vibration Analysis

Vibration is our specialty. Deister Machine not only knows how to make vibration work for you, but also how to identify the harmful vibrations that can cause damage to your plant. Deister technicians can quickly assess the vibration dynamics that exist within your operation and work with you to keep your operation running smoothly.

Process Flow Analysis

Deister uses state-of-the-art modeling software to assist in plant design and can also evaluate existing plant operations.

On-Site Equipment Inspection & Evaluation

Deister will send experienced staff to your site to inspect and evaluate your screening and related equipment. Deister staff know how to identify potential trouble areas and can work with you to resolve situations before they become big problems that affect your operations.

On-Site Maintenance & Training Seminars

Properly maintained equipment will give you many years of reliable operation. Deister will provide on-site training for your personnel to help you keep your systems running trouble free, day after day, and year after year. Seminars can be scheduled by contacting Deister’s Parts & Service Department.

Oil Testing & Analysis

Detailed analysis of the lubricating oil can provide very helpful information about the operation and condition of your machines. Various problems with machines first show up as oil contaminants. Deister Oil Analysis Services allow customers to obtain detailed operational information about their equipment and help maintain equipment warrantees.

Local Representation in North America & Other Locations Worldwide

To serve customer needs, Deister maintains a network of independent Deister sales representatives across the United States and in various countries around the world. Refer to the Sales Representative Locator page to find a sales representative near your plant.

Equipment Refurbishment

As the original manufacturer of your equipment, Deister has the knowledge and experience to return your equipment to optimal operating condition. Our top-rated personnel are available to visit your site to evaluate your equipment and make recommendations. Your equipment can then be sent to Deister for detailed analysis and rebuilt using genuine Deister parts.

Benefits include:

  • Save money rebuilding your Deister instead of buying new
  • Avoid capital spending
  • Modify or adapt equipment for other applications
  • Restore equipment to “As New” condition
  • Quick turnaround
  • New warranty

*New warranty based on compliance to Deister recommendations and parts replaced.

As the original manufacturer of your equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to return your equipment to optimal operating condition. Our Top-Rated Deister personnel are available to visit your site to evaluate your equipment and make recommendations. Send your equipment to Deister for a detailed analysis and let our trained personnel rebuild your equipment using genuine Deister parts.

Contact Deister Parts & Service at (260) 424-0393 for more information.