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Sales Reps Give Kudos to Deister Machine

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Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In August 2012, Deister Machine Company hosted more than 60 sales represenatives from around the world.  Many kind words have been expressed by those in attendance.  The comments are shared here to acknowldge them and to promote those with whom Deister Machine partners.  Deister Machine desires to say "Thank You" for helping make Deister Machine a great company!


Montreal Tractor Inc.

On behalf of Claude Leclerc and myself, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your generous hospitality. We felt right at home.
Our very best go out to all the other   people we met in sales, service, engineering and your shop.
You made our visit a super wonderful experience and we truly felt being part of a great company!!! We are very proud to be part of the Deister family of reps.
On this occasion I’d like to congratulate you on your 100th year anniversary and wish you many more years of success.
God bless all of you and your families.
- Joe Amato, President,
Montreal Tracteur Inc.

Mark: Thanks to Deister for hosting such an incredible opportunity to learn, teach and fellowship. The distributors are so blessed to represent a company with such great product and resources, but, more than that, be associated with Deister’s core values and promotion of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Joe: Congratulations on putting together and coordinating an excellent gathering. I got nothing but rave reviews as to the offering the event provided. I loved that the dealers picked Bartok to says the words to you we all felt. You are an asset to us all and appreciated very much.
God bless you both and the Deister family, too.
- Mark White, Paschal Associate Sales

The sales meeting was a great success this year. The Deister Management Team should be congratulated for putting together a flawless meeting.
It was especially important for all of the people that sell Deister Equipment to visit the office, plant, and manufacturing facilities. This is the heart and soul of the Deister equipment and the Deister reputation. You need to be complimented on the excellent tour and the fine condition of the factory. At each work station, your people were professional and excited to talk about each of the stops required to produce a quality screen. Please thank all of them for us.
Every time I visit the factory it is exciting to witness the continuing investment back into the manufacturing process. This includes the plasma cutting tables, robotics, automated machine tools, automated saws, and the beam line.
I am proud to be part of the Deister Team and to be aligned with such a great workforce and company. It takes all of us to maintain continued success.
-Bob Bartok, Managing Partner
Paschal Associate Sales

RB Scott

Thank you very much for the warm hospitality for the 100th year celebration.  I really enjoyed seeing the facilities and the dinner at the country club. We are very fortunate to work with such a great company.
- Scott Mickelson, RB Scott Co.

Thank you very much for your gracious and kind hospitality during the recent 100th year celebration of Deister Machine Co. We remain very honored to be a representative of Deister Machine Company.
- John Mickelson, President, RB Scott Co.

Thank you for having us out to Fort Wayne for the dealer meeting, and congratulations on 100 years! We have greatly enjoyed our relationship over the past and hopefully many years to come.
- Jason Whitney, Whitney & Sons


From all of us at ECHO Industrial, congratulations on your 100 year anniversary and thank you once again for all of your hospitality at the Sales Representative Meetings.
It was a wonderful event, full of information and entertainment. How Deister reached this milestone in its history was clearly evident during the two-day event and tour of the facility. You have built, and kept together, a tremendous team that is very passionate about engineering, manufacturing and selling the best piece of equipment known to the industry. Number two isn’t even on the map!
We at ECHO feel very proud and privileged to represent Deister Machine Co., and look forward to a long and prosperous future together.
- Ken Reitmeier, Sales Engineer
ECHO Industrial, Inc.


1st Quality Equipment

From Tom Curley (1st Quality Equipment): You tend to forget all that goes into building vibrating screens and feeders. It was good to see this (plant tour) to remind us of the detail and precision that goes into building them.

Florida Processing Machinery

From Joe Kastner (Florida Processing Machinery): Thank you for all you did to make FPM’s visit exciting this past week. You certainly have had a career changing effect on me and my family…  for your sincere heartfelt compassion and  integrity. You truly have had a large part in who I am as a person and how I do  business. On behalf of me and my family, thank you for all you are and do!

From Jack Harvey (Florida Processing Machinery): Thanks again for the hospitality, great meeting, and fellowship that was provided by you and everyone at Deister.

Cribas y Productos Metalicos s.a. de c.v.
From Alberto Leal (Cribas y Productos Metálicos): To all my friends—Thanks for all your attention in our recent visit. We feel like a home in your place. Congratulations for your first 100 years and we hope come many more. ¡Muchas Gracias!

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