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Single Deck HST

Model: HST, BHST

Dimensions: Single deck, Widths: 3' to 6', Lengths: 6' to 18'

The single deck HST has the vibrating mechanism located above the deck.  All HS series models utilize proper depth of material bed management in combination with high G-force operation resulting in optimum separation of fine materials.  Steeper inclination (typically 30 deg.) result in a faster rate of particle travel, thus reducing depth of bed of heavy feed rates.  The reduced depth of bed allows the finer particles to work their way towards the openings for sizing.  Higher-than-conventional operating speed combined with sizable amplitude of vibration translate into higher G-forces that quickly stratify the material bed so that effective screening can begin.  The high G-forces resists the accumulation of damp fines on the screen wires (blinding).

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